Friday 6 December 2019

This couple took their 'Save the Date' to insane new levels

Helicopters, diamonds, BMWs and...did we mention the helicopters?

One couple have taken their 'Save the Date' to outrageous new levels, inviting their friends and family to their summer wedding in the most ostentatious way possible.

Janice Jentz and fiance Bambo Obaro, two lawyers based in San Francisco, decided to put out the mother of all wedding invitations for their summer nuptials.

With champagne popping, grinding and (seriously, remember the helicopter?) no expense was spared during the production of their two and a half minute promo, er...invitation.

Bambo + Janice Epic Wedding Trailer from Major Diamond Productions on Vimeo.

The couple have their own website Boss Weddings, but have kept the details of their big day under wraps.

But we suspect Kimye have some stiff competition.





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