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Would you be disappointed with this wedding anniversary present?

Surely this isn't the most 'unromantic' wedding anniversary gift ever received?



A pregnant woman has taken to the Internet to find out if she's right to be disappointed with her husband's 'unromantic' anniversary present.

The woman, who is celebrating two years since she and her other half said 'I do', took to Mumsnet to vent her frustration at having received the disappointing gift that she believes will only go to waste.

"We are off on holidays this evening," the woman, who is eight weeks pregnant explains, "and a bloody great fruit bouquet has just arrived as my anniversary gift! My husband explained he thought it would be better as we could take it away with us.

"I'm really disappointed and think it's such an unromantic gift."

Responses from fellow forum users were varied, ranging from those who thought she was right to be unhappy with with a 'gift you send a sick person', to other who praised her husband for thinking 'outside of the box'.


Several posters even called the woman 'ungrateful'.

"Oh dear, I would be disappointed too," one sympathiser wrote. "I like fruit, but not enough to plough my way through a big basket of it on holiday."

"I'd be disappointed at fruit," wrote another, "it's not really an anniversary gift. More like something you send to a sick person."

Others thought the giant fruit basket was a fabulous and thoughtful gift, but suggested to the woman that she drop a few hints about what she'd really like for the next anniversary.

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"I think this is a lovely gift - obviously thoughtful. Sorry you're feeling rough...maybe gently hint that chocolates would make you feel better?"

When asked what she would have preferred, the original poster explained; "I don't know exactly but being a new mum and pregnant something a bit more romantic I think!"

"As I'm feeling a bit frumpy, hormonal and pregnant I think I was hoping for something that made me feel like his wife not just mum again I guess!" and added: "I am aware I'm sounding very petulant but I don't even like fruit that much "

Many forum users praised the woman's husband for his unique and untraditional gift:

"I think he tried to do something nice," one suggested, "but he simply picked something that's wrong for you."

"You sound incredibly ungrateful," came one user's more harsh words, "He has clearly thought outside of the box as you are currently pregnant and several "traditional" gifts eg alcohol would be inappropriate. "

Some users were eager to suggest a way that the woman would not end up disappointed with her wedding anniversary presents for the remainder of her married life: "We just do token gifts for anniversaries," one happy wife said, "try to stick with the traditional ones. I got a hot water bottle cover for our second."

When all's said and done, sure a fruit basket isn't the worst wedding anniversary gift every received?

We want to know: what's the most unromantic gift you've ever received from a partner?!

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