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Will wedding insurance cover the cost of your big day in the event of bad weather?

Is wedding insurance worth getting, how much does it cost and what does it cover?

Karen Birney

Karen Birney

While you're clearing out the bread aisle ahead of Storm Emma, spare a thought for those due to walk up an equally volatile aisle this weekend...

While all talk is of school closures, road closures and whether or not five spuds per person will be enough, events are up in the air around Ireland and many couples around the country are currently in a state of panic as to whether or not the big day they've been meticulously planning for months - and spending their life savings on - will go ahead.

For those who maybe aren't getting married this weekend, but are planning to walk down the aisle over the next few months, the surprise turn in the weather is a bit of an eye opener. A succession of storms, hurricanes and other extreme meteorological conditions in the country has left all sorts of events open to disturbance - one of the most costly of which is a wedding.

Is wedding insurance worth getting?

And while there's no real use in fretting about wind, rain and snow as you plan your nuptials, the forecast has no doubt forced many couples to consider taking out wedding insurance.

There are several wedding insurance providers operating in Ireland, with each providing their own range of policies covering everything from cancellations and rearrangement to failure of suppliers and marquee cover.

Here, Kym Farrell of lays out the main points couples should be informed of when it comes to wedding insurance and the weather:

1. In the event that the wedding venue is inaccessible due to bad weather (snow) and the wedding is cancelled/rescheduled, are couples covered?

Under our policy you are covered for cancellation. We will pay up to the amount shown in the summary for any irrecoverable expenses incurred by you in respect of ceremonial attire / bridal attire, flowers, photographs, caterers, transport, accommodation and the services from any other wedding supplier booked but not used as a direct result of the unavoidable cancellation or curtailment of the wedding or wedding reception as the result of: the inability of the wedding party and guests to reach the wedding or wedding reception venue due to adverse weather conditions.

ADVERSE WEATHER is defined as: Weather conditions are such that they cause major disruption to travel services i.e. rail, road or bus, thus severely affecting the ability of participants and guests attending the wedding.

2. If a supplier fails to show up due to weather, is that covered under failure of suppliers?

No unfortunately not as 'Failure of Suppliers; would cover the following; Following the bankruptcy or liquidation of any pre-booked wedding service supplier We will pay up to the amount detailed in the summary for the following:
1. Irrecoverable deposits
2. Additional Costs in arranging alternative equivalent services cover under this section commences from the date the premium is paid, and applies until completion of the Wedding or a claim being made under this section of the policy, whichever occurs first.

3. What does marquee cover include? Damage due to weather (wind etc?)

Marquee cover is an optional cover (available in Republic of Ireland only) and only covers wedding in the Republic of Ireland, we would indemnify the customer up to the amount detailed in the summary in the event of loss of or damage by any cause not specifically excluded occurring during the period of hire (the period of hire not exceeding four days unless agreed in writing by Blue Insurance Ltd.). Cover under this section includes cancellation curtailment and rearrangement as a direct result of loss of or damage to the marquee.

4. If a number of guests fail to turn up due to weather in their region, but the wedding goes ahead, can a couple claim for loss (ie meals paid for etc...)?

No this is not something that would be covered under the policy.

5. Is it too late to take out wedding insurance now for a wedding this weekend? How far in advance of a wedding can you take out insurance?

Wedding insurance can be purchased 24 months in advance but no later than 10 days prior to the wedding.

6. Does wedding insurance cover the cost of hen/stag events within the country that are missed due to bad weather?

No. Wedding Insurance is not designed to cover hen/stag.

7. So to sum up?

Under the policy the only section of the policy that would be applicable to weather would be cancellation.

Note: If you're getting married abroad, wedding insurance won't cover the cost of cancelled flights out of Ireland.

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