Monday 20 May 2019

Wedding talk: What's the worst piece of wedding advice you've ever heard?

Karen Birney

Karen Birney

If you're currently in the midst of planning your wedding, you've probably already noticed that when it comes to every and all aspects of the big day, the world and its mother has an opinion.

It goes from when, where and how you should say 'I do', to what you should and shouldn't wear, what others should and shouldn't wear, and even whether or not you should 'be having a wedding' (often coupled with the phrase "have you seen the price of houses these days?") at all...

Unfortunately, being the receiver of unsolicited advice is part and parcel of planning your nuptials - like being pregnant, societally, many people think the big day is as much their baby as yours, and therefore they should have some say in what you should and shouldn't do.

While some experience-driven advice can be very helpful in planning something you most likely haven't planned before, more often than not wedding advice can be hilariously outdated at best and downright offensive at worst.

So we want to know - what's the worst piece of advice you were given when you were planning your big day? Maybe it was a friend who told you you simply couldn't get married in anything less than a Vera Wang wedding gown, or the mother-in-law who told you the priest is meant to sit beside the bride at the top table? Maybe it was the wedding band who said it's not a wedding without a rendition of Rock the Boat, or the wedding blog that convinced you DIYing a photo booth was easy peasy?

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Here's some of the worst piece of advice we've heard...

..."You absolutely have to wear white" (nope!)

..."The day is ALL about you" (nope, not so, usually it's two people getting married, and maybe for them it's as much about their family and friends as it is their friends)

..."Send invites to people you know won't come" (they might, and you've only yourself to blame)

..."Let the guests pick where they want to sit for dinner" (mayhem)

..."Nowadays people expect an open bar" (they don't)

..."Don't have a wedding, buy a *insert whatever they just bought themselves here* instead" (yea your house is lovely, no we don't want a mortgage just yet)

..."You don't need to send your invites till two or three weeks before" (good luck getting your RSVPs back on time!)

..."Don't waste your money on a professional *something you really care about*" (sure, your iPhone photos are way better)

..."You absolutely can't do *insert something you're definitely doing at your wedding*" (you absolutely can, you will)

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