Thursday 17 October 2019

WATCH: Wedding photographer shoves bride's step-mother out of the way as both vie for the perfect shot

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Karen Birney,

If you've been to a wedding lately, you'll probably have noticed that nobody is letting the day go by without capturing everything as it happens on their phones, often getting in the way of the professional photographer who's been hired (and paid good money) by the happy couple for their service.

Some wedding guests have even been known to block the bride as she walks up the aisle in an effort to snap the perfect pic that afterwards they'll likely look at once themselves, and forget to send on to the couple afterwards (sound familiar?)

Well, it seems one photographer has had enough of it, and when she was challenged by the bride's step mom in getting the perfect photo of one couple's first kiss, she was stopping at nothing to make sure she got the job done - even if that meant getting a little fiesty.

In a video that has tickled the Internet, a wedding photographer based in Kentucky, US, is seen shoving the bride's step mother after she jumped up to take a photo of the happy couple's just married smooch, promptly stepping in front of the photographer's lens.

It appears from the video, which was originally featured by the New York Post, that there had possibly already been some altercation between the pair.

In the video, the step mother is seen saying something into the photographer's ear as she brazenly steps in front of her. The photographer then serves her a strong shoulder, before the woman confidently strolls back to her seat.

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