Monday 24 June 2019

'Under no circumstances will the football be shown' - bride battling to keep wedding World Cup free faces backlash from guests

Guests said they won't attend after bride suggests a ban on phones on the day

Stock photo by Luis Tosta
Stock photo by Luis Tosta

Karen Birney,

A bride who is battling to keep her wedding a World Cup free zone is facing backlash from guests who want to know how they can watch the football during her nuptials.

The bride's pal, who goes by the apt name 'arghhhhhhh' on Mumsnet, said that the frustrated woman has taken to Facebook with an angry message directed at the hoards of guests who have contacted her to ask if the hotel will be showing the England game when she ties the knot on Saturday.

The poster explains how her friend has gone further by requesting complete concentration on the wedding in hand, and suggested that guests refrain from checking their phones during the wedding. The bride has also had signs made up declaring the wedding a 'football free zone'.

"Now she's had a fair few comments," the woman explains "- a couple even say they wouldn't attend due to her attitude".

Stock photo by Samantha Gades
Stock photo by Samantha Gades

Unlike her soon-to-be-wed acquaintance, the poster says she would want to show the football at the wedding, as 'the atmosphere would be amazing' but added; "saying that....I do understand this lady's frustrations. She's been planning this wedding for over a year. I got married quite recently and know the stress etc of planning."

Forum users were quick to give their opinions on things, with one even sharing a warning to the couple in question:

"I would show it, everyone’s going to be checking phones otherwise. My dad was at a wedding in '66 and they showed the match at the reception until it went to extra time, then the bride put a stop to it so they all went to the pub instead."

"A huge screen at the reception would be fantastic!" suggested a football fan, "not in the ceremony though. Really that would be too much. I'm not even English and I'd still want to see it."

Another user found herself on the bride's side, and suggested never speaking to anyone who chose the footie over the big day: "I say this as a non football fan but to me, anyone who would choose a football game over coming and celebrating my wedding is not a good friend. Those who choose football over my wedding wouldn't be hearing from me again."

"She's going to get a lot of people calling in sick..." said another, "she’s fighting a losing battle. If I were her, I’d just accept it."

"How can people be so bloody rude?" asked one user, laying down the law; "They are invited to a wedding. You don't watch the telly at a wedding!"

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