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The latest hen party trend? - Bride holds pre-wedding 'cleansing' ceremony to banish her exes before tying the knot



Have you done your pre-wedding cleanse yet?

No, we're not talking facials. We're talking a deep cleanse, one that goes right to your very soul.

One bride felt she needed to have one in order to celebrate, and subsequently be free of, her past before she tied the knot - specifically her past relationships with ex-boyfriends.

"My bachelorette, I decided, would be a celebration of my transition into marriage, and there would be no mourning of past lives," bride Nicole Dellert who tied the knot in February this year explains in her hen party tell-all.

Nicole says that while she didn't want to 'mourn' her past life as a single lady, or to forget all her past loves, she still felt the need to 'honour' the exes who helped her grow into someone preparing to begin a healthy and loving marriage.

"To create these positive pre-wedding-vibes, I realised there was only one event that could give me what I wanted: a cleansing ceremony. Specifically: a d*** cleansing ceremony," she says.

The now happily married Nicole says that she didn't want the typical hen party to celebrate her final days as a single lady, as she had been living with her husband-to-be for the past six years and therefore had already said her goodbyes to singledom.

"I needed my ceremony to provide two things," she explains, "blessings to my new phase of marital sexual freedom, and; cleansing any leftover 'vibes' from my past lovers."


To do that, she asked her 'skeptical' hens to arrive dressed in 'something that made them feel powerful' (one arrived dressed as Rihanna, another as Stevie Nicks), and suggested they improvise the day with as much positive energy as they could muster.

For the 'cleansing ceremony', Nicole explains, the group gathered around a table and placed three large penis shaped candles in the centre.

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"Lisa lit the candles, we all became strangely solemn — then, to my surprise, each girlfriend brought out a contribution to the ceremony."

The girls reflected over a shrine of cards with images of female musicians, and pictures of "vaginas, wombs and entwined lovers", and held hands around a circle as each friend took their turn to make a happy wish for the bride-to-be's new marital sex life.

"I felt like Sleeping Beauty when the fairies gave her wishes of beauty and song, except my fairies were my closest girlfriends giving me blessings of a strong libido and sexual adventure."

You can read the full account of Nicole's pre-wedding cleansing ceremony over on Glamour.

Something else to add to the hen party games list perhaps?

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