Tuesday 23 July 2019

Revealed: This is how late Irish people say it's acceptable for a bride to be on her wedding day

75% say it's unacceptable for a bride to be late to her wedding ceremony

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov
Photo by Alvin Mahmudov
Karen Birney

Karen Birney

An overwhelming majority of Irish people say that, despite tradition, it's not acceptable for a bride to be late to her wedding ceremony.

Nearly three-quarters of those polled on THEVOW.ie* said that it's not acceptable for a bride to leave guests waiting on the day, while the remaining 25% were okay with a little bad time-keeping.

"I sat in a church waiting for a bride to arrive for 1.5 hours. Never again!!!" said one reader in response to our poll on Facebook, to which another poster responded "Unless there was a genuine emergency I'd consider that selfish."

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One poster asked "What about the next "event" due to take place next? Delayed funerals etc..." while others openly admitted to their bad time-keeping on the day, saying of the £100 one UK vicar is offering to brides who make it to the church on time; "I would of lost that for sure."

For those who said it was okay for a bride to push the schedule out a little, most (47%) agreed that up to five minutes** was enough extra time for the bride before she appears on the aisle.

47% said between five and fifteen minutes late was okay, but only 2% said they'd be okay with a bride arriving over 30 minutes late to her ceremony.

"Ten mins tops," said one reader about how late it was acceptable for a bride to be on the day, adding that "it’s disrespectful and uncaring" to be any later than that.

*1104 out of 1468 polled on THEVOW.ie | **733 out of 1554 polled on THEVOW.ie

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