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Revealed: Latest figures show number of couples choosing Humanist and Spiritualist wedding ceremonies is increasing

More couples are choosing to tie the knot in spiritualist ceremonies, while over half of opposite sex marriages were Roman Catholic

Photo by Petr Ovralov
Photo by Petr Ovralov
Karen Birney

Karen Birney

Over half of all opposite sex weddings in Ireland were Roman Catholic ceremonies, and Humanist and Spiritualist ceremonies are on the rise, according to the latest CSO results on marriages in 2017.

Roman Catholic ceremonies comprised 52.8% of all opposite sex marriages, according to the latest results, while civil marriage ceremonies accounted for over two-thirds of same sex marriages.

More couples are choosing Humanist and Spiritualist ceremonies, with 1,616 opposite sex couples and 111 same sex couples tying the knot in humanist ceremonies in 2017.

1,083 opposite sex couples and 76 same sex couples opted for a ceremony under the Spiritual Union of Ireland. 

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The most popular choice of ceremony for opposite sex couples remains the Roman Catholic ceremony, with 11,219 couples opting for this.

Last year, results showed that 53.7% of opposite sex marriages were Roman Catholic ceremonies, meaning the number is down for 2017 (at 52.8%).

"The number of couples choosing Humanist and Spiritualist Union of Ireland ceremonies is increasing," the official press statement from the Central Statistics Office says.

Humanist ceremonies accounted for 822 weddings in 2014 and 1,294 in 2015, and was the choice of 1,437 brides and grooms in 2016 while in the same year 965 couples opted for the Spiritual Union of Ireland ceremony.

Meanwhile, the average age of males entering into opposite sex marriage is at its highest to date, with the average age now 36.1 years.

Males entering opposite sex marriages were on average 40.3 years.

The average age of a bride entering an opposite sex marriage in 2017 was 34.1, and in a same sex marriage was higher at 40.5.

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