Monday 21 October 2019

Poll: Are Christmas weddings a 'burden' for guests?

Surely a little festive romance never hurt anybody

Karen Birney,

Christmas is a magical time for many - cosy fires, twinkling fairylights, the smell of mulled wine drifting through the air...

Not only is it peak engagement season, it's also when most of us find our calenders filled with social events from work dos and extended family gatherings to catchup drinks with old school friends.

One would think then, that bringing those two positive facets together in the form of a romantic festive wedding would go down an absolute treat with all and sundry?!

Not so, it seems.

Christmas weddings have plenty of practical pros of course - most people tend to have time off from work, while globe-trotting friends and family members often have flights home already booked.

However, for some people, a wedding at this time of year can be seen as an extra burden on an already stressful season.

In an effort to drum up support for her choosing to forgo her friend's big day in favour of a quieter life over the festive season, one woman has taken her wedding woes online, asking would it be 'unreasonable' for her to skip the nuptials altogether.

And like most wedding-related predicaments, her issue has of course split opinion.

"An old school friend is getting married on 22nd December, which is the Monday of Christmas week," the woman, known as 'welliesandleaves' on the popular parenting forum explains.

"I am always chasing my tail Christmas week trying to get everything done, there's a lot of family stuff on (much of it traditions that I love) and it's always a really busy week."

The woman explains that the wedding venue is a three-hour drive away, and would require her leaving her family for two nights to attend.

"I would have to travel down on Sunday afternoon and back up Tuesday morning, and would probably be absolutely wrecked on the Wednesday," she says before asking if it would be unreasonable for her not to attend.

"I certainly wouldn't go" one poster immediately responded, while many more encouraged her to say no to the invite.

"I think anyone who chooses to have their wedding in Xmas week would have to brace themselves for a lot of 'no' responses" noted another woman.

Another poster noted that as the festive season is such a busy time for people, the couple shouldn't expect people to 'drop everything' for their big day, while another said she too had been invited to a wedding during the same week as Christmas day, and would not be attending: "Apparently they are getting lots of regret replies," she added.

Some responses called the woman out for her apparent 'excuses', noting that it seemed she didn't want to attend the wedding, whether it was held over the festive season or not.

"I'm not sure what the problem is really," 'blinkandmiss' responded, "it's irrelevant that it's near Christmas - you are either busy and can't go, don't want to make the effort to go or you want to go and you will. I don't think Christmas has much to do with it."

"Christmas week!? Since when has it been a week? Thought it was just Christmas day," one particularly irate posted said, adding: "I'd go. Be a nice chance to get away from this long (Christmas) week of stress you seem to have created for yourself."

Many others gave the woman some suggestions on how to cut the time spent away from her family by only staying one night at the venue, concluding that "If you REALLY wanted to go, you'd find time."

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