Monday 24 June 2019

Police search for mystery couple in wedding photos - but the story doesn't have a happy ending

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After the big day has been and gone, many couples can suffer a bit of a come down from their wedding celebrations - until of course they get to relive their special memories through those all-important photographs.

So one would imagine that losing said photos would be heart-breaking for a pair of newlyweds, and that no matter how long it's been since the big day, they'd be happy to have them returned.

Which is why when Edinburgh police put out a plea to reunite a wedding couple with their camera after they found some photos from their special day, they likely believed they were doing a very good deed.

Unfortunately however, when the plea was picked up by a local newspaper in earnest, they  learned that this story wasn't to have a happy ending, as the couple in question had reportedly parted ways since the photos were taken.

"LATEST: The mystery couple have been identified in the hunt to find the owners of a missing camera in Edinburgh. However, they are no longer together, says one wedding guest," the Edinburgh Evening News wrote on Twitter.

The paper reports that the best man at the wedding got in touch to say the couple are no longer together, however they did not say if either had followed up on collecting the camera.

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