Wednesday 26 June 2019

Painstakingly itemised hen party 'invoice' divides Internet - but is this budget breakdown OTT or brilliantly transparent?

Top marks for transparency...?

stock image / Inset: 'Bachelorette party invoice' via Reddit
stock image / Inset: 'Bachelorette party invoice' via Reddit
Karen Birney

Karen Birney

Another day, another case of the 'zillas. The culprit this time? A 'bride' who's intricately itemised hen party 'invoice' has divided the Internet.

Appearing on Reddit, the invoice in question is indeed a detailed one - one that carefully breaks down the cost, seven ways, of things such as popcorn, lemonade, pizzas and... a melon.

"So I received an invoice from the bachelorette party" an anonymous hen party attendee writes, with the bill titled 'Sarah's bacherlorette party' attached.

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Of course, as all wedding-related threads are want to do, the post was met with immediate bafflement and amusement from fellow forum users who all wanted to know more about the unusual list which detailed costs such as 53cent for macarons (total cost $3.69) and $2.98 M&Ms - split between seven people at 43cent each.

“Did the bride send this to you? Are you in the bridal party? I’m struggling to wrap my head around how anyone could think this is reasonable," said one poster, while another found themselves utterly bewildered at the amount allocated to food and drink, asking: “They spent $82 on pizza and $23 on booze? WTF kind of boring, miserable party was this?”

The original poster explained that the list went on, detailing items such as napkins (28cent) and other decor hen party attendees were expected to reimburse her for.

hen party invoice

The itemised invoice has divided opinion, with some shocked at the sheer extent of the detail and cost of some items, and others congratulating the apparent 'bride' for her transparancy. 

“This may just be me as a guy talking but I actually kind of like this,” one poster wrote. “How many bachelorette/bachelor parties do you go to where they just say it’s $250 per person and you’re not really sure what you paid for. This way you kind of know.”

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