Saturday 20 April 2019

'One of my guests charged a bottle of champagne to my room' - Brides share the most outrageous stories of wedding guests behaving badly

Stock photo by Tiko Giogadze
Stock photo by Tiko Giogadze

Karen Birney,

No matter how many outrageous wedding stories you think you've heard, there's always one that still manages to shock even the most seasoned of guests.

And while the 'mother-in-law turning up in a white dress' stories are now ten a penny, the ones where a guest fills the boot of his car with stolen booze from the 'free bar' are thankfully a little more rare to come by.

Not rare enough of course, and it seems nearly everyone has their nuptial horror story to share.

Which is why when brides and bridesmaids and concerned onlookers took to the Mumsnet forums to share their tales of wedding guests from hell, finding the 'worst' wedding story among them was quite the task.

So, here are some of the best/worst of them:

1. "A guest invited her adult son AND his girlfriend we'd never met. She didn't even RSVP to say they were coming, so they weren't counted for catering. To add insult to injury, he turned up in a tuxedo t-shirt. Then sat in an aisle seat, so he's in every f***ing photo."

2. "A friend's mum ran off with the photographer halfway through the daughter’s reception. That was over 30 years ago and she hasn’t spoken to her mum since then."

3. "Both of my bridesmaids took over the whole dressing room with their stuff so I had nowhere to get ready. One of them had stuffed her bridesmaid dress into a rucksack. She then asked me to take pictures of her getting ready so she could send them to her mum."

4. My cousin wore a floor length champagne coloured gown to my wedding. From the Phase 8 bridal section. You know, wedding dresses for the bride, not wedding guest dresses."

5. "Many years ago I was bridesmaid to a great friend. I’d never met her mum and discovered why at the first dress shopping appointment when she used the words “'lovely but a shame you are so... elephantine. Get it made a size down and that will give you an incentive to diet'."

6. "One of my bridesmaids texting me at 2am on the day of the wedding to tell me she hadn't really slept yet and was knackered. In doing this, she woke me up! I was furious."

7. "One of my guests charged a bottle of champagne to my room. I refused to pay for it at reception the next day."

8. "At my wedding a bridesmaid's husband got so drunk after drinking all the dregs out of any glass he found (not necessary, it was a free bar) that he spent the evening vomiting into all the empty glasses at a dining table, in full view of everyone. His brother, who was also a guest, took the full glasses away and returned them washed for him to fill again. It was disgusting, but also very impressive, he was capable of controlling the flow so that no glass overflowed."

9. "My brother’s father-in-law was stealing drink from our bar and loading it into his car."

10. "My ex turned up at the ceremony, which was awkward."

11. "One wedding I sang at featured a bride who rather overdid the privilege of being a bit late. It is a pretty church, very popular as a wedding venue, and at the height of the wedding season, the happy couple have it made clear to them that they have been allocated a (generous) time slot, with more than one ceremony booked in during the day. She was so late that guests for the next wedding were starting to arrive, so guests for wedding 1 were transferred to the church hall, to await her arrival. They then had to wait until wedding 2 had run its course, at which point they were ushered back into the church. The bride's face as she finally stomped up the aisle, wielding her bouquet rather like an offensive weapon, was a picture."

11. "One bridesmaid put all of our friends in taxis to go to a "better party" before ours had finished."

12. "A friend of a friend got married. In the wedding invitations they had put a note of their honeymoon holiday account and asked people to pay money into it to pay for the holiday. That in itself in my opinion was cheeky. But about a week before the wedding the bride got a list of people who had contributed to it from the travel agent. Anyone invited who wasn’t on the list got a text or an email telling them they hadn't sent money to it and to make sure they did before the wedding."

13. "We had a guest rock up in jeans and a fleece for a country manor house hotel wedding with sit-down meal etc. Jeans and a fleece I tell you."

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