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'My stepsister got engaged at my wedding reception' - People reveal their biggest wedding regrets


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What was the worst thing that happened at your wedding?

Maybe you drank a little too much champagne or perhaps the service was a little slow - nothing to panic about in the long run.

But for the people taking to Reddit to reveal their biggest regrets from their wedding day, the worst moments go from NBD's with practical advice for others tying the knot, to the downright outrageous.

A recent AskReddit discussion began with some practical advice from users - like the one who said they wasted too much time on the small things.

"Focusing way too much on small details. Nobody cares what colour the napkins are. It was my wedding and I don't remember what f***ing colour they were. Get napkins, move on. No need to stress about that stuff," glahtiguy 8782 wrote.

A common theme that emerged was from a number of brides who said they didn't get the chance to eat their wedding cake because they were too busy greeting guests. In some cases they were simply too nervous to eat.

Overbearing parents and in-laws seem to be among the regrets du jour, with many complaining they let their parents get too involved and take over too many aspects of the organising.

"Allowing my sister in law to be a bridesmaid. She shouted at me and made me cry as I was putting my dress on," one user wrote.

Another said: "We wanted a tiny wedding; immediate family and close friends only. My MIL invited her siblings and my spouse's deceased father's siblings. We were too polite to uninvite them. So the group was lopsided enough that the toasts were 80% about my spouse. My boss, who didn't know me that well, noticed the disparity and made a toast about me. The whole thing ended up looking like it was my spouse's wedding, and I'd been invited to attend.

"Still had an awesome time, though."

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Similarly, fix_it_allyson wrote: "My mom actually told me "it's not about you!" And if the date wasn't a month away at that point, I would have called the whole thing off and eloped."

"My mother. She ruined it. Both my husband and I hated our wedding because she took over and did everything and then acted like she was doing us a wonderful favour. We didn't get to choose anything or do anything for it. I completely regret not putting my foot down and doing what I wanted," Doc_Chickeneater said.

But one family member took their overbearingness up about 100 notches when they got engaged at the ceremony.

"My stepsister got engaged at my wedding reception, and I didn’t punch her or her fiancé for it later," one user wrote.

"Apparently the two of them arranged the whole thing together - that he would pop the question halfway through the daddy-daughter dance. Their marriage lasted all of two years, as well."

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