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'Men are be better off, financially and emotionally, staying single' - Author Peter Lloyd urges 'modern' men to shun marriage

'Stand by Your Manhood' author says men stand to lose their home, children and pension when they tie the knot


Photo by Scott Webb

Photo by Scott Webb

Photo by Scott Webb

Peter Lloyd is not getting married. And he's urging you not to bother either.

In fact, the 'happily single' author says that instead of walking down the aisle, a man should buy a house for a woman who hates him and confine himself to a bedsit, rather than prolong the inevitable.

It's a bold statement, to say the least, and one which the author of 'bloke bible' Stand by Your Manhood: A Game-Changer for Modern Men says makes sense with today's high divorce rates and marriage law's predilection towards women.

The controversial opinion piece by the London-based journalist is bound to ruffle a few feathers, as he declares marriage a 'reckless gamble' which sees men being treated as 'sperm donors' and 'cash machines'.


Stand by Your Manhood by Peter Llyod

Stand by Your Manhood by Peter Llyod

Stand by Your Manhood by Peter Llyod

"As soon as you legally commit to a woman now, no matter how much you love her, you take the most reckless gamble on your future wealth, health and happiness," he writes in the Daily Mail.

"The depressing truth is that too often men who marry end up being treated as little more than sperm donors and cash machines."

The answer? Simple. Avoid marriage all together (or more specifically, though not mentioned by the writer, avoid marrying a woman.)

...You Shouldn't Put a Ring on It

The writer, who was a former staff writer at Madonna's UK PR company, has divided opinion with his books in the past, in which he says 'fashionable fascism' and 'stiletto sexism' mean that there has 'never been a worse time to be a man' than today.

And while he admits he's happy to celebrate his parent's golden wedding anniversary, he has concluded that modern marriage is destroying modern men, right from the moment they pop the question.

"The writing’s on the wall from the moment a man proposes," warns Lloyd.

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"That’s when he gets sucked into a cripplingly expensive vortex, where getting married becomes more about the bride and an impending occasion than any emotional commitment. What starts with an expensive diamond ring."

A dwindling sex life is what awaits a couple after they say 'I Do', says Lloyd.

And he's having none of it.

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