Friday 19 July 2019

'I wouldn't move either' - Resolute sun bather refuses to budge for romantic beach wedding ceremony

Karen Birney

Karen Birney

A photo of a sunbather who refused to budge for a romantic wedding ceremony on the beach beside her has gone viral.

The snap, taken on the Southern Australian white sandy beaches of Port Willunga, captures the moment a wedding party waits for the bride to arrive, about three feet away from a bikini-clad woman catching a few rays.

"I wouldn't move either," said one commenter on the photo which has been shared by the international media since it was posted yesterday, " If the tanner was already there, plenty of op to set up elsewhere."

"Maybe that WAS the bride," another poster suggested.

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The photo shows the possible downside to having ones wedding ceremony in a public place like a beach or park - where members of the public are indeed free to continue going about their day-to-day business.

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