Wednesday 24 April 2019

'I spent a lot of time designing my wedding invites and nobody has complimented them' - Is the Internet right to call this woman a Bridezilla?

Bride-to-be asks if she's being unreasonable to expect guests to compliment her wedding invites

Photo by Annie Gray
Photo by Annie Gray


Weddings can send some people a little la la.

And it's somewhat understandable. Planning a wedding can be all-consuming, and even things like putting together a card to tell friends and family they're invited can feel like it's the most important thing in the world.

Which is why sometimes, checking yourself by sharing your current wedding woes with some strangers can help to put things into perspective.

One bride-to-be, who immediately had her wedding dilemma put in its place, was also accused of being a bridezilla when she took to Mumsnet to share her predicament.

"I have spent ages having my invites designed and have been sending them out," she started. "Surprised at the amount who haven't acknowledged the invite yet but had a few texts says they are lovely."

"One of my closest friends hasn't said anything, I text and said have you had chance to open your invite? She said no we are eating breakfast."

Posters were quick to respond, telling the bride that she sounds 'like a lot of hard work'' and that she's at risk of driving everyone crazy by the time her wedding comes around.

"Have you gone Bridezilla?" said one user, "I'm sorry, but no one actually cares what your wedding invitations look like."

"You want comments on the actual invite? Are you serious?" added another.

User 'Crispsheets' informed the bride that "not everyone is obsessed with weddings" while another offered the advice: "you're not likely to get comments in the appearance of the invitations themselves, though perhaps compliments about all the arrangements will come when guests wrote their 'thank you' letters after the event."

While most users advised the bride to not let the lack of compliments get to her, one user sympathised with her.

"If it's a close friend I would be upset that they haven't even opened the invitation yet. It's a bit rude," said 'Dropthemic.

"My friend got married recently, put a lot of effort into her invitations. Of course I made a fuss in complementing them, because a) they were amazing and I could see the effort and b) it was important to her and she was very excited about me seeing them. She was the bride and entitled to a bit of fuss. If it was some distant cousin is say you are being unreasonable,but you handed it to her in person. Not that hard to txt to say the invite was lovely."

"I just thought my closest friends would say I like your invite," admitted the original poster, "looks like I got over excited."

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