Saturday 17 August 2019

'I couldn't be bothered' - Radio DJ Ruth Scott on why she won't be giving up her maiden name

Presenter won't be taking husband Rob Morgan's name as her own

The former 2fm presenter got married to long-term partner Rob Morgan at Bunratty Castle in Co Clare at the end of last month
The former 2fm presenter got married to long-term partner Rob Morgan at Bunratty Castle in Co Clare at the end of last month

Sean O'Grady

Ruth Scott has revealed she has no plans to take her husband Rob Morgan's surname after their wedding last July.

The former 2fm presenter tied the knot with her long-term partner in a humanist ceremony in Bunratty Castle in Co Clare in front of their family and friends.

When it comes to married life, Ruth has decided to buck tradition and keep her maiden name.

"I'm not bothering to change my name, so we don't have all that nasty paperwork to tackle. I couldn't be bothered, it's my name," she said.

The radio host explained she has built her career with her own surname and doesn't think there's any point changing it now.

"I have great association professionally with my name. When you consider the JNLR listenership research is done by name, it's important to keep that.

"Rob has a cousin called Ruth, so we already have one Ruth Morgan, we don't need another one.

"Loads of people I know who have got married, plenty, didn't bother changing their names," she said.

Ruth and Rob, who is the son of the late Father Ted actor Dermot Morgan, went to Austria for their honeymoon, but decided the week-long excursion wasn't enough.

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They recently returned from their second honeymoon in Dubai where Ruth admitted the soaring temperatures put a dampener on romance.

"It was too hot to be romantic, you can't get any romance in 40 degrees. We couldn't even hold hands it was so hot," she told the Diary.

"We just did the one week in Austria and I said, 'How very first-world problems of us, only one week in Austria.'

"We had always wanted to do a two-week holiday, so we said we would branch out a bit and hit Dubai. We know loads over there.

"Any Irish people I know stay in the Bonnington Tower while they're there, which is right above the McGettigans pub."

Ruth, known to listeners for her work on 2fm, has recently moved to Radio Nova where she hosts a weekend show and has also been filling in for the Morning Glory breakfast programme while host Marty Miller is away.

"It's good fun and the music is great. They're very nice in there and I'm really enjoying my time there," she said.

"Being thrown in, I'm like, 'Oh my god, you do this every morning?'

"It's like any breakfast show, you need to know what people want to hear in the morning.

"This week, it's all about the Dubs and Mayo. You're not getting into big heavy discussions. The nature of the breakfast show is that people listen for 15 or 20 minutes if you're lucky."


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