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#Haveyoursay: What was the first dance song at your wedding?

Did you go for something slow and romantic, or upbeat and fun?


With the Spice Girls reportedly interested in taking to the stage at the royal wedding reception, and Wayne Rooney offering to lend his dulcet tones to Ed Sheeran's big day, our focus has gone towards what for some people has the power to make or break a wedding celebration - the music.

And it's not just us, a recent survey revealed that couples are spending on average €2,000 for their wedding bands - a huge chunk of the overall €26K average currently being spent on weddings, so it's clear that for most people the tunes are a top priority for the big day (or big night, at least.)

One honour many wedding bands are bestowed with for their fee is the opportunity to act as the soundtrack to one of the most memorable aspects of the big day for a couple - the first dance.

And while many lucky pairs will have a solid 'our song' to depend on, choosing a first dance song can be quite the struggle for others.

For those who don't have a clear-cut favorite, the first dance song poses some big questions: Do you go modern or classic, or just make sure it's something everybody recognises? Do you opt for slow and romantic and risk awkwardly shuffling together for four minutes while you wait for the ground to open up, or opt for something up tempo and get everyone to join in for a boogie?

Some of the top choices for first dance songs according to Spotify include Jack Johnson's 'Better together', Adele's 'Make you feel my love', John Legend's 'All of me' and, the king of wedding karaoke, Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking out loud', however first songs often come as unique as the couples themselves.

So we want to know, what did you have for your first dance at your big day, and what direction do you think is best to go when choosing one?

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