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Furious bride slams 'attention seeking' bridesmaid who dyed hair pink before wedding - but can she 'uninvite' her?




Ah Mumsnet. An unending well of weird and wonderful debates and, every now and again, a wedding-related debacle that manages to divide right down the middle.

When it's not the 'friend' of a frustrated bride on the brink of banning mobile phones from her venue in an attempt to keep the wedding World Cup free, it's someone prodding posters for backup in their quest to get their bridesmaid to dye her hair back to its natural colour ahead of their big day.

Which is exactly where one bride-to-be has found herself in the latest nuptial-aligned fiasco to darken the lively forum.

The bride, who goes by the name 'elcarmen', took to the forum to explain how her 'self-centred' bridesmaid has dyed her hair 'a horrible pink colour' the week before her wedding.

"For context," the bride wrote, "she is incredibly self-centered and always wants the attention to be focused on herself and I think she has done it just to stick out in the photos." 

While she doesn't mention if the maid is a family member or a friend, she asks if it would be unreasonable of her to as her to dye her hair back to its previous shade, or to just uninvite her to the wedding altogether.

The bride it seems however, did not receive the reaction she was expecting.

"No of course you can’t ask her to dye her hair or uninvite her!" the first responder wrote, while another quick to the conversation told her simply "dye yours pink to match".

"It's none of your f****** business what colour her hair is," a particularly furious poster advised,  while others were a little more balanced with their advice.

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"I'm kind of torn," wrote one considered poster, "I mean it really wouldn't bother me at all but the timing of dying her hair an odd colour does seem calculated aswell."

"I think any bridesmaid that dyes their hair bright pink a week before the wedding is attention seeking. Everyone will know it too."

Many were annoyed the bride asked a women she "clearly didn't like" to be her bridesmaid and told her "No one is going to support the bride" on Mumsnet.

Some posters were miffed the bride considered that her wedding would have been part of the pink haired woman's thoughts at all when she decided on a change of style; "I wouldn’t say your bridesmaid wanted the attention on your day (as if, come on let’s be real here) but she probably also didn’t feel like her hair choices had anything to do with anyone else.

One helpful user offered a way around the bridesmaid 'sticking out' in the wedding album, saying; "You could ask the photographer to only take black and white photos".

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