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Do you know Michael and Mary? Gardaí search for couple who lost their wedding coin

'Forget Jack & Dani, It's all about Michael & Mary'


Do you know a Michael and Mary?

Did they get married back in 1991?

If so, you might want to tell them to call the guards - because they might have something very special to return to them.

An Garda Síochána have taken to Twitter in an effort to reunite a couple with their wedding coin.

What's a wedding coin you ask?

A silver wedding coin is a traditional gift given by a groom to a bride which is usually engraved with a couple's names and the date of their wedding. The gardaí have had one handed in to them, and now they're looking for the owners - they're even jumping on the Love Island bandwagon to get the word out.

"Forget Jack & Dani, It's all about Michael & Mary!" the Tweet reads.

"This wedding coin was handed into Ballincollig Garda Station. Let's get it back to the owners! Please RT #LoveIsland"

While some Twitter followers are impressed by the 'sassy' tweeting style of the guards, many have pointed out that sifting through all the Michaels and Marys in Ireland will be some task.

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