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Bride-to-be left devastated after bridesmaid posts photo of wedding dress to social media eight months ahead of wedding


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A bride-to-be has been left devastated after one of her bridesmaids posted a photo of the bride in her wedding dress to social media eight months ahead of the wedding.

In an anonymous post on MamaMia.com, a bride-to-be shared her devastation after one of her bridesmaids betrayed her in one of the worst ways.

After finally hunting down her "dream dress" with the four members of her bridal party, the bride-to-be paid a 50pc deposit on the gown.

However, she received a call later that day from her bridesmaid Sandra that left her "shaking and in tears."

"Sandra informed me that another bridesmaid, Tanya, who is a close friend of mine from school, had shared a picture of me in the wedding dress I purchased on her Instagram account," she wrote.

"I have social media, but I don’t use it or check it often. Sandra, a friend who I work with, knew that I wouldn’t see it and felt that she owed it to me to tell me so I could address it if I wished."

She highlighted that she was unaware that any photos were being taken when she was trying dresses, but wouldn't have minded if photos were taken but remained private.

"Now a picture of me in my wedding dress is on the internet more than eight months before my wedding day. It makes me feel sick and as though the magic had been taken away and ruined."

After calling Tanya to question why she had shared the photos, "she was immediately defensive."

"She argued with me and said she couldn’t understand why I was upset when she didn’t have any of my friends or family on her Instagram account. She insisted no one would have seen it and that I was making a big deal out of nothing.

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"I asked her politely to please delete the picture and explained that I wasn’t comfortable with it being on the internet. Her account isn’t private so it could easily be accessed by anyone. It didn’t sit well with me and I wanted it gone.

"It was at that point Tanya demanded to know who told her about the image and insisted that she didn’t need to take it down. It’s now been a few days since I spoke to Tanya and Sandra tells me she has been blocked and deleted by Tanya on all her social media."

The heartbroken writer shared that she is considering buying a new dress and removing Tanya from the bridal party, but she's unsure what to do.

How would you react in that situation?

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