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A groom threw a Christmas wedding in August on last night's Don't tell the Bride and everyone loved it

Bridesmaids wore Santa suits for groom's 'authentic' festive wedding


It wouldn't be an episode of Don't Tell the Bride if some 'creative' groom wasn't conjuring up a way to throw a wedding that's everything his bride has never dreamed of.

And while most of us don't mind a bit of festive cheer in our year, we're usually happy to confine it to the winter months where it can be monitored and controlled, unpacked and then stored away till the dark and dreary days set in the next year.

Not so for Kilkenny man Robbie however, who's apparently happy to trot out the decorations at any time of year - including his wedding day.

Of course like most DTTB brides, his other half Jennifer 'always dreamed' of a traditional wedding. Despite being 'the boss' of the relationship, in last night's episode of DTTB Jennifer handed over the reigns (pun fully intended) to her husband-to-be who set about organising his dream day - which included santa outfits for the bridesmaids and the bride being transported to their venue on a real life reindeer.

"What better way to get her to the ceremony than with a reindeer and a sleigh?" was the question posed by Robbie on a trip to Phil's Farm in Newry.

"How are you going to get them to Kilkenny?" farmer Phil asked, to which Robbie quipped; "Sure don't they fly?"

While Robbie raised the eyebrows of a few viewers (who were curious as to how he'd go about buying a wedding dress when his mother still does his own clothes shopping) others called him a 'visionary', but most agreed that he put on quite the day.

Robbie and Jennifer's big day heralds the return of RTÉ's Don't tell the Bride, now in its eight series.

On the series, couples are given €10,000 and three weeks to plan their day but the catch is - the groom must plan the entire event alone, and the couple cannot have any contact with each other during the run up to the big day.

This year promises a few crackers, with treasure hunt disasters, locations falling through and wedding dresses to make brides reconsider the whole thing.

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