Monday 24 June 2019

10 of the strangest things guests say they've witnessed at a wedding

From the competing day-after party to the emotional translator, Reddit users share their oddest wedding experiences

Stock wedding photo by Tom the Photographer
Stock wedding photo by Tom the Photographer

With wedding season just about in full swing and RSVPs nearing their deadlines, it's important to know just what you're getting yourself in for at your mate's big day.

And while some people might be a tad shocked by Prince William's apparent 'wet knickers' joke in his best man's speech at the most recent British royal wedding (the context for which, at the time of writing, has not been revealed) it takes more than a slightly lewd joke to truly shock the most seasoned of guests.

Here's some of the craziest things Reddit users have experienced at a friend's nuptials.

1. The ol' zombie speech

"The bride delivered beautiful, heartfelt serious vows during the ceremony and when it came time for the groom to step up, he made a joke about how he can't wait to see her pregnant and fighting off zombies. It was mortifying and you could see the disappointment on her face." - NewDriverStew

2. The day-after party the couple weren't invited to (Ouch)

"My parents threw a competing after-wedding brunch to my own—and didn’t tell me or my wife. No one from my side came to ours because they assumed that plans had changed. My mother stole them all away with her dirty trick.

"I found out about the plot when my aunt kissed me goodbye at the end of my wedding and said she’d see me tomorrow, at the hotel. The actual brunch was at my in-laws house.

"When I confronted my parents about it, they said I should thank them for spending the money—and I should have been there.

"I think this all happened because my parents are jealous of my in-laws, who are successful, well off, generous, and loving." - Thrownsjsididkej484

3. The great unwrapping

"Couple opened their wedding gifts at the reception and we all had to watch like it was a birthday party for a toddler. There were lots of gift comments that would have been better in private." - TheFire_Eagle

4. Sad soup kitchen

"The wedding was at a soup kitchen the couple sometimes volunteered at, presumably to remind us how selfless they are. Hundreds of homeless people were gathered outside and if the couple had said "hey, dress casual because if you're coming to our wedding you'll be helping serve the homeless" I would have been all for it - instead we stood there in nice clothes eating food while all the homeless people watched through the fence. Extremely awkward, totally classless." - SOdhner

5. A very emotional translator (Awh)

"The couple were Irish and Lithuanian, and the ceremony was conducted in Lithuanian, by a Lithuanian officiant, a translator had been provided to allow the English speaking guests to follow proceedings, but she was so overwhelmed by the occasion, she broke down in floods of joyful weeping.

We assumed she was a family member of the bride helping out, but apparently she was an official Lithuanian government translator with no prior connection to anyone or the occasion..." - PeterPawlettsBaby

6. Princess for the day

"There was the Disney princess themed wedding where all the bridesmaids were dressed as different Disney princesses, but for some reason the groomsmen were the 7 dwarves. Everyone was way too into it and it was creepy."

7. Smooth criminal

"In addition to organ music, the couple hired a string quartet because the groom was a cellist. At one point in the ceremony, the groom made a surprise move by going over to the string quartet and - placing the cello between his legs and the bow in his hand - played a love song to his new bride.

"The minister took a dim view because the piece was secular (not "authorized" by the church). But the congregation loved it - and so did the teary-eyed bride!" - Back2Bach

8. Personal photoshoot

"One of the bridesmaids dragged the photographer away to give her a personal photoshoot (photos of her and the groom, and a handful of just her posing)" - MILthrowaway1776

9. One wedding and a funeral

"At my uncle's wedding the mass had to be rushed and cut massively short because the priest had messed up the timings and booked a funeral for 20 mins into the wedding slot. So he cut speeches short (by clicking his fingers and saying that's enough), skipped songs, kept telling anyone walking up to hurry up etc. All the photos and videos outside of the church either have a dead body in the background or loads of people in black, crying their eyes out." - X0AN

10. Oh deery me

"I once saw a guy get bit by a deer at a wedding. He was feeding it wedding cake.

Ok, the guy was me, and I was really drunk." - ElPatoLibre

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