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Revealed: This is how much Irish couples are prepared to spend on an engagement ring

Results from poll on THEVOW.ie reveals couples are happy to spend big on their bling.


Photo by Wesley Tingey

Photo by Wesley Tingey

Photo by Wesley Tingey

One month's salary? Three month's? Split-the-difference?

The myths and so-called rules surrounding the purchase of an engagement ring are nearly enough to turn you off proposing altogether, but when it comes to such a significant purchase, it can be handy to have a bit of a barometer on the average price others are prepared to spend an engagement ring before shelling out on your soul mate.

After the Internet had plenty to say on the bride-to-be who was unimpressed with her high earning fiancé's €1400 spend on her big day bling, Independent.ie and THEVOW.ie carried out a poll asking How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

And the results might surprise you.

While 41% (2,577) of the 6,228 people who voted in the poll said that the price you pay for an engagement ring should only be determined by what you can afford, the second majority of 21% (1,315 people) believed the cost of an engagement ring should be equal to one month's salary of the buyer.

With stats from the latest CSO putting the average weekly wages in Ireland at €722.65 per week, it follows that the average price people are prepared to pay for an engagement ring in Ireland stands at around €2,890.60.


If you thought it should be more along the lines of three month's wages, you can count yourself one of the 16% who thought the same, while if you're a little more frugal, you could be one of the 6% who said your diamond purchase should amount to less than a month's full wage packet. Others voted that the spend should be close to the national average spend on same.

Rather keep the cash for yourself? You might find yourself among 8% (469) of those polled, who said that we should do away with the concept of engagement rings all together(!)

So it seems while you might not be able to put a price on happiness, there are some solid figures available on the true cost of love.

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