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Revealed: This is how many couples actually get around to consummating their marriage on their wedding night

...and how many can't even wait until after dinner to tick it off the to-do list


Stock photo by Steven Kim

Stock photo by Steven Kim

Stock photo by Steven Kim

Did you consummate your marriage on your wedding night?

Perhaps you were too tired by the end of the night to even consider anything but some shut eye, or maybe there was too much craic in the residents bar to swap it for the bedroom.

Perhaps you found yourself with a wedding dress with such a cryptic closing function it felt like you were in the Nuptial Zone of the Crystal Maze, with the sand timer quickly draining and with it your lust for the flesh.

Whatever meant you didn't end up consummating your marriage before hitting the hay on your big day, it seems you're not alone, because a majority of happy couples have admitted they didn't get down to 'doing the deed' on their wedding night either.

Of 3030 people polled by THEVOW.ie, 52% (1580) admitted that they didn't consummate their marriage on their wedding night.

However it seems not every newlywed couple was going to leave to chance that they'd be up for the task after the day's full-on celebrations, with 11% (346) revealing they didn't even wait until nightfall to make their big day all the more intimate.

Are you surprised by the numbers?

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