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POLL: How much will you spend in total on attending weddings this year?

Guests pay an average of €1,175 per wedding, according to a recent estimate


Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

It's wedding season, and time to dig deep, folks.

With the spiralling costs of lavish hen and stag parties abroad, hiring babysitters for adult-only soirées and purchasing all new outfits for that all important selfie on the 'gram, it seems we're spending more and more on weddings these days.

And not our own big days, mind, this is just on other people's nuptials.

A recent survey from Provident says guests are spending on average €1,175 per wedding, when you take into account the hen or stag, travel costs, a new rigout, accommodation, gifts and drinks on the day - and you can double that if the wedding is abroad.

One woman this week revealed that the cost of attending 20 weddings and 12 hen parties over the past four years has finally left her broke, and meant that she had to move out of her apartment, and back in with her parents.

All because two people (or in her case, 40 people) fell in love.

So we want to know - as wedding season approaches and the invites stack up: have you sat down and done the calculations yet?

And if so, what's the damage? With the stag, the gift, travel, clothes, sitters, tan, nails, hair etc... how much are you looking at forking out in wedding-related costs for 2018?

Take our poll to let us know!

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