Monday 20 May 2019

It's official: Everyone agrees the cost of hen and stag parties has got out of hand

Poll by reveals massive majority think the price of partying with the bride and groom is too much

Stock photo via Unsplash
Stock photo via Unsplash
Karen Birney

Karen Birney

It wasn't too long ago that a hen party consisted of a few feather boas, some rather risqué straws and a few questionable cocktails down the local.

Not any more, it seems.

Today, you're more likely to be grabbing a taxi to the airport than into the city centre as hen and stag parties opt for far flung places such as Berlin and Amsterdam to spend a few final days of singledom with their friends - who apparently are non too happy with having to fork out the cash to join in.

Of the 1.2K people to take survey which asked  if the cost of hen and stag parties has got out of hand, a staggering 91% said they believe that yes, they have.

How to calculate the cost of a hen or stag party

While many couples throwing a pre-wedding party for their friends do intend to keep the costs down for those attending, costs can quickly spiral and most of the time this is down to the unforeseen costs of the so-called 'smaller' items.

So while a package for a spa weekend or an activity day away might be manageable, when you factor in travel costs, breakfasts, lunches, drinks, and either a small gift and/or contribution to the bride or groom's costs for the event, you may find yourself digging deeper than anticipated.

Most hens follow a format of activity, dinner, drinks and many are now taking place if not in another country, than in another city, which means accommodation costs.

For hotel stays, consider the cost of breakfast if it's not included. If you opt for shared accommodation in an Airbnb or similar, a 'big shop' for everyone could run you a few quid and may be a lot more than anticipated if you choose to pool your money.

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Budget plan

The easiest way to project your spending or to keep track of what's already been spent is to keep a budget tracker. Here is a guide to some of the costs that may occur for your event:

  • Accommodation, if needed
  • Travel costs, if applicable (hired bus, public transport, flight, taxi, petrol)
  • Food (lunch the day before, breakfast, brunch or lunch the day after, snacks)
  • Activity (this will usually be a set price for activities like life drawing, cocktail making classes, adventure rooms, afternoon tea, cookery classes, dance classes)
  • Gift for bride, if applicable (frame for picture, t-shirt, photo album, book, 'goody bag')
  • Costume, if applicable
  • Baking/DIY costs (baking ingredients, stationery, cards etc)
  • Decor (if group is decorating with balloons, posters, bunting etc)
  • Spa treatments (if it is a spa weekend, consider cost of treatment and include bride's treatment if paying for it)
  • Dinner + cost of bride/groom's dinner + tip + drinks at dinner
  • Drinks (your own or cost of rounds without bride/groom)
  • Miscellaneous costs

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