Thursday 18 July 2019

#HaveYourSay: Is it acceptable for a bride to be 30 minutes late to her ceremony?

Photo by Timothee Pons
Photo by Timothee Pons
Karen Birney

Karen Birney

"For Gawd's sake get me to the church on time" pleaded the father of one Miss Eliza Doolittle to his pals as he celebrated his last few hours as a single man.

But it seems brides are still somewhat lackadaisical about their time keeping on the big day.

We've all heard of the bride who left guests waiting an hour before honouring them with her presence, and didn't appear to be in any way sorry for her tardiness once she did arrive.

Sure why should she be - it's tradition for the bride to not arrive on time to the ceremony, right?

But is it really okay for a bride to arrive 30 minutes late and expect everyone to just be happy she's there?

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And about how late does it become downright unacceptable for a bride to arrive to her ceremony venue? Twenty minutes? Forty five?

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