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Have your say: What's the best wedding you ever been to and what made it so good?


Photo by Bridget Flohe

Photo by Bridget Flohe

Photo by Bridget Flohe

What makes a wedding great?

Is it good food (and not having to wait too long for it)? An open bar? Speeches that have everyone in stitches or the after-hours trad session that sees the celebrations continuing well into the early hours?

Wedding guests have taken to Reddit to share their favourite moments from weddings they've attended in the past, with many of the answers shedding a light on just what people really take away from the big day.

"My cousins backyard wedding," one Redditor revealed was their favourite celebration. "Instead of renting a venue, they landscaped the backyard. It was small and inexpensive, but it felt magical. Everyone danced outside under the fairylights. Highlight of the ceremony was their cat following the bride up the aisle."

Another poster said it was a laid back, informal and inexpensive farm wedding that got their vote: "It was of a young couple of farmers on a tight budget. Super short outdoor service, followed by a party-all-night reception across the lawn. Less than 100 guests, all great friends and family. We were only asked to bring love, and plates and silverware for ourselves so they wouldn’t have to rent or wash 100 place settings."

For others it was free booze for the win: "Couple of friends had a really small wedding a few months ago. They had free wine, and you could take a bottle home. The best ever," said poster Em3PO.

For a lot of people the food and drink was the key to a good wedding, with one poster commenting that "the most important part" of their friend's wedding was that "immediately after the ceremony there was wine, beer, and gourmet pizza for guests, then donuts for dessert. No starving for two hours waiting for the wedding party to get done taking pictures, it was amazing."

What's the best wedding you've ever been to?

We want to know what the best wedding our readers have attended as a guest was, and what made it so good? Was it the open bar? The short, warm and involving ceremony? The open mic speeches that had everyone doubled over - and then in tears? Or the shebeen at the back of the venue that kept the party going until the wee hours?

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