Monday 22 July 2019

Get her to the church on time: Church announces £100 'bonus' for brides who arrive on time for wedding ceremony

Is it really okay to keep guests - and church staff - waiting?

Photo by Timothee Pons
Photo by Timothee Pons
Photo by Timothee Pons
Karen Birney

Karen Birney

A vicar in the UK has announced that he will be offering a £100 'bonus' to brides who make it to the church on time.

Rev Corbyn based in Kent, England, is offering the cash incentive to brides who aren't late to their weddings to highlight the fact that many brides still feel it's okay to leave church workers and guests waiting up to 20 minutes - half the time of the actual ceremony - as they take their time getting ready for their big entrance.

“I wanted to show that I was taking my staff seriously because they weren’t doing it for the money," the reverend told KentOnline.

“When you’re talking about a bride being 20 minutes late that’s half the time of the wedding ceremony. You can talk of up to two dozen people waiting for that time.

“How would they react if I were 20 minutes late?” he added.

The bridal 'bonus' - which is being offered by Holy Cross Church in Bearsted and St Mary’s in Thurnham - will be given to brides who manage to make it down the aisle within 10 minutes of their scheduled ceremony time, and money from a service which sees the bride arriving later than 10 minutes will be used to pay overtime to church staff.

The time limit means the custom of the bride being late could still be continued, but wouldn't push the boundaries of acceptability.

But what are the boundaries? Is it okay for a bride to keep people waiting on the big day just because it's a 'tradition'? If so, how late can she be? Five minutes? Fifteen? Fifty minutes late? Have your say in our poll below.

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