Saturday 25 May 2019

'I have to know that I will be the prettiest princess' - a bride is sabotaging her bridesmaids by making them wear pantsuits

Just when you think you've heard every bridesmaid horror story, another one emerges.

We've seen them all: meringue dresses, ill-fitting dresses, neon dresses - but at least they were all dresses. One Australian bride-to-be is ensuring she's the star of the show by forcing her bridesmaids into pantsuits. While jumpsuits and co-ords of all styles all feature in bridal party dress code these days, the pantsuit, a style preferred by former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton while on the 2016 campaign trail, isn't exactly fitting of the fairytale aesthetic.

"Probably unpopular opinion on here... but I can't be the only one who wants my bridesmaids to feel pretty...but not TOO pretty," one write woman in a Facebook group in a post which has since been picked up by the Daily Mail.

"My self-esteem can't take it. I have to know that I will be the prettiest princess. Just this one day. My girls will be wearing formal pantsuits and my maid of honour is wearing a dress, these girls are going to be covered!"

Many other users in the group were quick to judge her decision, saying she should want her friends to look good as well, with one labelling her "insecure".

"The only concern regarding what my future bridesmaids wear is that I'll love the dress too much I'll want the dress for myself," another said.

However, one woman came to her support, saying: "I want my bridesmaids to wear dresses they like but I do have the final say. They can look as pretty as they want but I do have the final say that day."

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