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Monday 24 June 2019

Bride-to-be writes scathing open letter to fiancé's ex-girlfriend: 'He is mine were not meant to be together'

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A bride-to-be claims she has been "completely misunderstood" after writing an open letter to fiancé's ex-girlfriend in a scathing open letter.

Victoria Higgins (22) is a final year student at Missouri State University and is due to wed fiancé Brandon this year, which prompted her to write a biting essay for The Odyssey, entitled You May Have Worn the Prom Dress With Him But I Get to Wear the Wedding Dress (You had him in high school, but I get him for the rest of my life).

Higgins wrote that she is working on controlling her jealousy that the unnamed ex, his high school sweetheart, has more seemingly crucial teenage memories with him than she does and thinks she would have been a better girlfriend to him during that time.

"You thought that you would marry your boyfriend and you thought that everything would work out how you had always imagined. I don't blame you though. He's great. You wanted everything with him, but you were just not right for him," she wrote.

"I wish I could say that I am sorry it didn't work out for you, but I can't. I can't because he is mine now, and I get to cherish him forever. You didn't do that right, and you were not meant to be together. You will find someone too, but I am happy that you were not the one for him.

"I find myself getting jealous, but then I stop. I am getting to match his tux with our wedding colours. I got to go dress shopping in a sea of white, and he doesn't get to know one detail about that dress yet. He will get to see me walk down the aisle and then every day forever. I get to love him forever.

"I try to not get jealous of all of the things you got with him because it is all in the past. You had your time, and now I get the wedding. You got to dress up in high school, but I get to dress up for my wedding with him. He may have put a corsage on your wrist, but he will be putting the wedding ring on my finger."

In an interview with the Washington Post, Higgins explained that the website she published the essay on is aimed solely at college students and not intended for consumption by anyone outside university life.

She said it was inspired by a conversation with friends about wishing they had met their spouses earlier in life.

"I was completely misunderstood," she explained.

"One of my friends, her husband’s father passed away before they had gotten together. She was just talking about how she would have loved to have been able to support him through that."

"When it’s shared to my personal community, they understand where I’m coming from because they know me. The outside community has no idea where I’m coming from."

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