Monday 24 June 2019

Bridal beauty SOS: 'Help! How do I get rid of my puffy eye bags before my wedding day?!'

Skin care expert Jennifer Rock - aka The Skin Nerd - answers your most pressing bridal beauty problems

Photo by Sarah Diniz
Photo by Sarah Diniz
Jennifer Rock

Jennifer Rock

"It's a month to my big day, what can I do now to ensure I don't have awful dark circles or puffy eye bags for the wedding (I'm more prone to puffy eyes but God knows what I'll be like with the lack of sleep!)?"

From Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd

Stop sleeping on your front if that is how you sleep!

Sleeping on your front allows fluids to pool in the under-eye area which is why you’ll always be at your puffiest first thing in the morning. Cold spoons actually work too, as the extreme cold will constrict blood vessels and bring the puffiness right down. 

For both eye bags and dark circles, Yon-ka Phyto-Contour is fabulous as it contains essential oils that stimulate blood flow from the outside, such as rosemary oil.

Yon-ka Phyto Contour contains essential oils that stimulate blood flow from the outside
Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd

If you are truly afraid of impromptu dark circles, a caffeine-based eye cream is the road to go down.

Caffeine will improve circulation underneath the thin periorbital skin to perk up those under-eyes but be aware that this is really a temporary solution. 

Do not fret as a peachy-coloured concealer under your usual concealer will freshen you up like nothing else – you’ll look like you’ve slept for years come your big day.

About The Skin Nerd

Jennifer Rock operates as an independent skincare expert, having recently set up her business; - alongside her award winning, sell out Cleanse off Mitt. Jennifer Rock’s wealth of skincare knowledge has earned her a loyal following and has firmly established her as one of the country’s top skincare gurus.

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