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WATCH: Pilot proposes to flight attendant girlfriend in plane full of passengers



A pilot stunned a plane full off passengers when he popped the question to his girlfriend during his pre-flight announcements.

Pilot Jon Emerson helmed the ultimate romantic proposal on board a U.S flight from Detroit to Oklahoma City when he took the chance to propose to his flight attendant girlfriend Lauren Gibbs as he updated passengers on the flight times and weather - on the same day the happy couple were also celebrating their anniversary!

"This is a very special day for Lauren and me," the pilot said during his announcement. "It’s our anniversary today and she’s one of our very best flight attendants.”

He continued: “I want this day to be known for the rest of our lives. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Before anyone knew it Jon was down on one knee with a ring, asking his partner to be his wife.

"Last night, on a plane, in front of passengers, I got to say the easiest YES of my life to my best friend! It still feels like a dream and I cannot explain how blessed I am to spend forever with Jon," bride-to-be Lauren later wrote on Facebook.

However she added that the couple sadly wouldn't be joining the mile high wedding club.

"Sorry to disappoint, but the wedding will not be on a plane!"

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