Monday 14 October 2019

WATCH: Hilarious Irish wedding video shows that on the day, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong

Groom is finally forced to put a halt to wedding after series of unfortunate events

It's fair to say the wedding was a rollercoaster of emotions for Irish groom Tony from the moment his bride Jennifer arrived at the top of the aisle.

In fact he was so teary eyed he almost missed his chance to tie the knot altogether when Jennifer's dad came to give the bride away, and Tony was busy fishing for a tissue and attempting to regain his composure!

The groom finally tossing his tissue to a rapturous applause from the congregation is only the start of it however, as just a few minutes later he's met with the tough task of lighting the couple's unity candle - which isn't as easy as it looks - before he's finally forced to put a halt to proceedings altogether when something a bit more unexpected happens...

The hilarious first few minutes of the couple's ceremony shows that you can plan your big day down to a T, but when it comes to the wedding itself, you just don't know what the day has in store.

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