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Gerry Ryan's girl Lottie ties the knot in dream Italian wedding

Lottie Ryan's wedding.
Lottie Ryan's wedding.
Lottie Ryan's wedding
Lottie Ryan's wedding
Lottie Ryan's wedding

Eugene Masterson

Radio presenter Lottie Ryan wed her partner of 10 years Fabio Aprile.

While Lottie (30) looked radiant in a traditional white wedding dress and headdress, the day was tinged with some sadness as it would have been her late dad Gerry Ryan who would have been proudly walking her down the aisle.

Instead, the honour fell to Lottie's actor brother Rex.

Lottie is the eldest of the five Ryan children and the first to get married.

Lottie Ryan's wedding
Lottie Ryan's wedding

Lottie and Fabio were already technically married, having had a civil ceremony in Dublin a few weeks ago.

But they both wanted a church wedding in Italy, where Fabio's chip shop owning family hail from.

They chose a quaint old church in the village of La Machi, where Fabio's maternal grandparents own a house.

The church nestled in part of the Appenine mountain range, which straddles down the centre of Italy.

Lottie Ryan's wedding
Lottie Ryan's wedding

Some 40 guests from Ireland travelled over for the wedding.

Many of the guests were caught up on travel chaos on Saturday morning when their Ryanair plane had to be diverted to Rome's main international airport rather than the planned regional airport at Campino, due to bad weather.

"Fabio's mother Luisa was going mad as she had mini-bus drivers waiting to collect the guests at Campino airport," reveals an insider.

Most of the Irish wedding party stayed near the town of Casalattico, which is a two hour drive south of Rome and is in the region where most of the Italian chip shop owning families in Ireland originate from.

Lottie Ryan's wedding
Lottie Ryan's wedding

Many of the wedding guests spent much of the weekend playing bowls on sand, which is current in Italy compared to Ireland, discloses another source.

Rex was also spotted turning heads on the area when he was driven around in a Porsche by Robbie Wooton, the former manager of Hothouse Flowers and now a nightclub promoter in Dublin.

The bridal party stayed in the elegant Palazzo del Senatore hotel, in the town of Atina, which dates back to Roman times.

A couple of mini-buses whisked guests to the church shortly after 2pm.

At around 2.40pm Lottie, her sisters Bonnie and Babette and their mother Morah, emerged from the hotel into glorious sunshine, with a temperature of 28 centigrade (82f).

After posing for several family pictures, Lottie got into a vintage white Alfa Romeo, which then meandered through the country hills until arriving at the church in La Machia.

Dozens of white roses garnished with greenery adorned the entrance door to St Augustine's church, with two white pots of roses also positioned on either side of the doorway and a white carpet flowing down the steps of the chapel.

A suited and booted Fabio greeted Lottie at the top of the altar.

The service took just over 90 minutes and the happy couple emerged to a firework display.

The couple then descended down a short lane way, where a bottle of champagne and two glasses awaited them to toast their new life.

The couple and their guests - who included Lottie's 2FM DJ colleague and longstanding friend of the late Gerry, Dave Fanning (and his wife Ursula) - then traveled to the secluded and cordoned off Chalons D'Orange restaurant.

Located amongst beautiful mountain views in nearby Alvito, the party - which included Lottie's youngest brother Elliot and Gerry's brothers Mick and Mano - enjoyed an outdoor cocktail reception before adjourning indoors, with around 100 guests on on nine tables toasting the bride and groom.

Tributes were also paid at the reception to Gerry, whose death on April 2010 shocked the nation.

Lottie and Fabio have been dating for the past 10 years and had a civil ceremony in Ireland.

Fabio is a part time actor and also helps out in his well heeled family's restaurant business.

Lottie studied media TV in college for five years before moving to New York, where she worked on the Good Wife TV show and also trained as a dancer.

She became a showbiz reporter for RTE TV's The Daily Show in 2010.

She then became a DJ on 2FM, the station which made her father a household name.

Lottie previously spoke about how she was excitedly looking forward to her Italian wedding.

"It's the village his (Fabio) grandparents grew up in, so I've been incredibly lucky because that's made it," she explained. "And it made it get special also."

After the civil ceremony Lottie said: "There are so many good vibes and well wishes from people. It's wonderful."

She added she hopes her family and friends enjoy the Italian wedding.

"I'm not a professional party planner, so you're hoping everyone has a good time and they enjoy it as much as you," she reflected.

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