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Paramedic proposes to woman whose life he saved three years ago


Melissa Dohme/Facebook

A Florida paramedic has proposed to the woman whose life he saved three years ago.

In 2012, Melissa Dohme was the victim of a brutal domestic assault and had been stabbed more than 30 times and during the time it took to airlift her to hospital, she flatlined four times and suffered a stroke as well as brain damage.

Cameron Hill () had been working as a paramedic and was one of the first to arrive on the scene and assists Dohme to safety. The pair were reunited later that year when Hill and a colleague surprised her at a talk she was giving as part of her domestic violence advocacy role.

Melissa said she instantly "had a feeling about him" and after three years together, Cameron proposed at a baseball game last weekend, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

She was throwing the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game, where Cameron had arranged a special message for her in lights, asking: "Will you marry me?"

"He’s the one I’ve been waiting for," she told the Tampa Bay Times. “My fairytale.”

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