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Love, honour and be true to the hashtag: Five modern wedding trends to know


Murad Ossman/Instagram

Murad Ossman/Instagram


Murad Ossman/Instagram

New trends are emerging every season, but these five are here to stay...for now.

1.  Social media guidelines

While many couples are still split down the middle with social media policies (some notify guests there's a ban with the invite), Martha Stewart Weddings suggests a "tweeter of honour" - someone who didn't quite make the cut for a place in the party, but will post select shots of the couple on Instagram or Facebook. Also, don't forget to use the hashtag. If a couple took the time to create one, they're going to notice who is ignoring it.



2. Bucking bridesmaid trends

Want your bridal party to rock a jumpsuit instead of a dress? No problem. And in what might be the most flattering option yet, bridesmaids wearing different dresses to suit all shapes and sizes are becoming the norm. Did you hear that? It's the sound of bridesmaids throughout the world sighing relief at not forcing themselves into a strapless mini dress with a sweetheart neckline.



3. Drones and Go Pros

If you want to see your big day from every angle, there's nothing like a drone. Couples in the US are becoming increasingly fond of extreme photography for their wedding. It goes without saying, this one is more appropriate for outdoor weddings, so it'll likely be slower before it catches on in Ireland.


4. Quick changes

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, changing into a different dress (or three) after your walk up the aisle isn't an entirely foreign concept. These days, one quick change won't do as the average bride is swapping their gown for a reception dress and then a short number for dancing.



5. Cocktail o'clock

Younger couples are choosing cocktail hour with canapes for guests to nibble on rather than a traditional reception. If money is tight and you want to still throw a party to remember, wedding planners encourage creative cocktails to keep guests entertained and filling up the dancefloor.


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