Saturday 20 April 2019

"Joe Schmidt is in the running to be best man" - Irish rugby star Tommy Bowe jokes about wedding to Lucy Whitehouse

Tommy Bowe and Lucy Whitehouse
Tommy Bowe and Lucy Whitehouse
Andrew Trimble and Tommy Bowe

Irish ruby star Tommy Bowe has said that head coach of the Irish team Joe Schmidt is "in the running to be best man" at his upcoming wedding.

Bowe is gearing up to wed former Miss Wales Lucy Whithouse in June.

Interviewed by last year's IRUPA Player of the Year Andrew Trimble before last weekend's Six Nations triumph, Bowe found himself joking about the wedding.

When asked how preparations were going, he said to Trimble, "We're really excited by it, it's going to be a good day and hopefully a lot of my good friends will be there... including yourself."

Trimble replied: "Why am I not best man?" to which Bowe responded, "You were in the running, in fairness, until whenever I was out injured and missed all the Six Nations last year... all that gloating you were doing, 'who's Tommy Bowe? This is my jersey forever'... you burnt your bridges there a wee bit."

Trimble then asked, "Is there any truth in the rumour that Joe Schmidt is in your wedding party?" and Tommy replied, "Joe Schmidt is in the running for best man at the minute."

The Monaghan native proposed to Lucy in April of last year and the pair has remained tight lipped about the exact date of the wedding.

He previously told that he was leaving most of the wedding planning to his other half, who works as a nurse.

“I’m trying to stay as far out of it as I can,” he laughed. "I imagine I'll end up turning up in some burgundy suit and she'll probably kill me!"

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