Wednesday 22 May 2019

Is the male stripper a thing of the past for Irish hen parties?

Drawing naked men now appears to be a popular option for a more "interactive" approach

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For some brides-to-be, the idea of a sexy stripper on their hen night is the dream event before they vow to never touch someone else's naked chest ever again. 

For others, the thought of a Danny DeVito-style stripper situation like in Friends is enough to send them running from the strip club. 

Hiring a stripper has been an age-old novelty that has become synonymous with hen parties over the years, but it appears the novelty may be dying down. 

For Irish hen organisers Henit (, male strippers were never their top booking, but it's a trend they see fading away as other options become more popular.

"Since we started in 2009, male strippers were never a popular option for our hen party groups. Female strippers are definitely a more popular option for our stag groups," Dean Gammell, owner of and told

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"The trend of asking for a stripper for a hen party is definitely dying out. To be honest it completely depends on the personality of the group of ladies going on the hen.  

"On one hand, you would have a group of hens that would blush at just the thought of seeing a man's torso. Then, on the other hand, you would have another group of ladies that would see it as a bit of a laugh." 

Klaudia Snopek from The Foxy Hen ( also believes that booking a male stripper is down to the individual and their party. 

"The bridesmaid, or whoever is tasked with organising the hen, decides if a stripper or other male entertainment will be included in their package. She (or he) generally knows the hen better than anybody and will only include it they believe the hen be comfortable with it," she told

"From time to time we have groups add it in last minute as somebody mentioned it to a 'prudish' hen and turned out that she would actually love it. The odd time the opposite can happen also." 

So what's the new alternative? For both companies, drawing naked men appears to be a popular option for a more "interactive" approach. 

"I think with the rise in popularity of the Draw A Nude classes, the strippers have taken a small knock but nothing drastic. As suggested by the name these are classes where the girls are drawing a male model under the supervision and guidance of a teacher who helps create a fun atmosphere," said Klaudia. 

"As the class goes on the model takes up various poses, each one with less clothes on. These classes tick the same box as a stripper but are a more fun and interactive way of doing so."

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Similarly, Henit believe the "Naked Man Sketch" package is replacing the strip tease but have also seen an increase in other activities for an unusual hen night out. 

"For hen parties that are looking for an activity that is a little more on the cheeky side, we would offer "The Naked Man Sketch" activity which is always guaranteed to get the hens laughing," Dean said. 

"The hens don't need to be the next Leonardo Da Vinci or Picasso to have fun with this activity. Other extremely popular requests we have this year are afternoon tea, cocktail making class, escape room and dance classes." 

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