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Gold wedding dresses, neon signs and smoke bombs: The top wedding trends for 2019, according to Pinterest

Get those coloured smoke bombs at the ready - Pinterest have just revealed their top wedding trends for the year ahead



Every December Pinterest reveals its top wedding trends for the year ahead, and if the photo sharing site is telling us anything it's that couples are doing things very differently for 2019.

Next year looks to be the year of the sparkly bride with gold wedding dress searches up a whopping 1552%, while gorgeous greenery is going nowhere for the year ahead, with flower garlands up an equally massive 1154%.

And while we may have thought we hit peak donut this year, those little circles of baked goodness in all their forms look to be as popular as ever for 2019, seeing a 749% increase in searches.

When it comes to venues, Pinterest is tipping the backyard as the backdrop for 2019 weddings, with a huge 441% increase in searches for cosy and sometimes cost-friendly backyard weddings.

Elsewhere, signage is still key to a well-organised celebration, however it seems couples are moving away from the rustic wooden and chalkboards and becoming very interested in pretty personalised neon signs (+281%) to light up the dancefloor.

And if it's not neon, it's natural: Pinterest has seen an interesting 54% rise searches for 'moon gatherings' - perhaps down to those romantics hoping to have their first dance as a married pair under the stars?!

Something we saw bursting into wedding albums with aplomb last year was the colourful smoke bomb photo, which clearly captured the imaginations of wedding couples everywhere and has seen an increase in searches of 436%.


Before we forget: The groom.

In terms of men's style, Pinterest are seeing big jumps in searches for mismatched prints (+89%) and corduroy (+507%), while plaid pants (+267%) and cropped trousers (+671%) are also seemingly having a moment.

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Unsurprisingly, the search for socks is still one to watch, with men more interested in a pair of quarter socks (+266%) than a traditional pair of ankle warmers.

Wedding trends 2019 (according to Pinterest)


1. Backyard Weddings

Searches for backyard wedding +441%


2. Donut Decor

Searches for donut decor +748%


Jenny Packham 2018

Jenny Packham 2018

Jenny Packham 2018

3. Gold wedding dresses

Searches for gold wedding gowns +1552%


4. Smoke bomb photography

Searches for smoke bomb photography +436%


5. Neon signs

Searches for neon wedding sign +281%


6. Garlands

Searches for flower garland +1154%


7. Outdoor afters

Searches for moon gatherings +54%


8. Creative cacti

Searches for cactus arrangements +235%