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Weddings 101: What's a bridal trunk show?

What is a bridal trunk show? Photo by Charisse Kenion
What is a bridal trunk show? Photo by Charisse Kenion
Karen Birney

Karen Birney

You may have heard the term being batted around by bridal boutiques and your soon-to-be married friend who's just way too up on the lingo for her own good, but what exactly is a bridal trunk show?

Basically, a 'trunk show' is a day (or two or three) when a bridal boutique brings in a huge selection of gowns by one particular designer. Simple!

But what's the point?

Usually smaller, independent bridal boutiques only carry a select few styles from a designer, due to the size constraints of the stores themselves, or because of demand (ie they will have the most popular or best selling designs in store) however a trunk show gives the boutique a chance to stage a 'takeover' of sorts of one designer, and to showcase a range of styles (including back collections and not-yet-released styles) to brides with a penchant for that particular designer.

Sometimes the designer themselves is present but this is not always the case, however the boutique owner, because of the independent nature of their business, will usually have an in-depth knowledge of their designer, and will be in a position advise on alterations and changes that can possibly be made to the gowns.

Is it a sale?

It's not a sale, per se. But you could stand to bag a bit of a bargain if you play your cards right. Often by putting down a deposit on the day, boutique owners could knock off a couple of quid from the overall cost - but of course every little helps when you're planning the big day right?

What to know before you go

Do some research on the designer. Have an idea of some of the styles you love in particular but don't have your heart set on a certain style as often is the case that it may have changed or might not suit you at all!

If you love a particular dress, call before you go to ask if it will be there.

Trunk shows are usually by appointment only, so don't just walk in off the street. They are similar to a regular appointment, and boutique owners will often set times to dedicate to brides-to-be.

Have a rough idea of the prices the gowns fetch, and decide if it's within your budget.

While you could save money by doing so, don't feel pressured to buy on the day. Designer gowns are a big purchase for most people and often require some time to consider.

Don't wear fake tan and bring a versatile bra in case you decide to try a few on.

How do I find out when a trunk show is on?

Designers will usually have a calender of events on their own websites, or if you know their stockists (which they will also have a list of on their site) you could just phone up and ask if they've any plans to show a full collection.

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