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'Veils are very pretty, guests will stand on them' - Irish wedding photographer lays out 50 brutally honest tips for brides and grooms

Dublin wedding photographer Katie Kavanagh has learned a lot from shooting over 100 Irish weddings - including why brides should forgo the clear bra straps, and why cheap red carpets do more harm than good


Photo by Katie Kav Photography

Photo by Katie Kav Photography

Photo by Katie Kav Photography

If you want to know anything about Irish weddings, ask a photographer.

The get the shots, and they get the goss. Like camera wielding ninjas they look on from the shadows, documenting the day and capturing fleeting moments to be passed on to the next generation.

It makes sense, then, that these guys are brimming with some of the best advice in the business, and not just about how to look good on front of the lens (although those tips are whole-heartedly welcome too of course) but about getting your timings right, why to think twice before choosing your bridesmaids, and how to make sure everyone finds the venue - without annoying you with phonecalls the week before (SO important).

One photographer, Dublin's Katie Kavanagh, has decided since she hit her 100 wedding mark to lay out all the things she's learned about weddings in the hopes that it'll help couples find their way from the invites through to the dancefloor - and her refreshingly honest tips and tricks are exactly what you need to get your button holes in order.

You'll find 20 of Katie's top tips below - but make sure you head over to katiekav.com for the full fifty!

  1. Pick your bridesmaids wisely… like be real wise about it. They need to be your right hand women
  2. Groomsmen are mainly useless but are the most craic. They will always bring booze
  3. Get ready in a well lit room
  4. Your feet will swell the morning of the wedding, it’s the heat and nerves
  5. Don’t let people park in front of or around the front sides of your church, or venue for that matter
  6. Cheap red carpets will stain your dress
  7. Dads never know what to do with themselves the morning of a wedding
  8. Stand up straight and stick out your chin in the ceremony, like your mammy told you to.
  9. Coloured up-lighters at dinner are a nightmare for photographers, especially purple ones, and blue ones and… just stick to the daylight setting!
  10. I’ve yet to encounter a bridal party that knows how to pin a button hole to a jacket lapel
  11. Try not to sing along to your first dance, you’ll make some funny faces, unless it’s a banger, then shout as loud as you can!
  12. Get a videographer - a nice one!
  13. Your favourite photos won’t be the ones you think
  14. Veils are very pretty, grooms and guests will stand on them
  15. There is a community of photographers and videographers in this country who will try to help each other out no matter what
  16. Clear bra straps will dig in to your skin and can be very painful after a long day
  17. A band can make or break a dance floor
  18. Eircodes are the biz
  19. It’ll rain, but it won’t matter, I’ll still get the shots
  20. If a tradition doesn’t feel right, ditch it!

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