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Bridal style: Fifteen fabulous wedding dresses with pockets

Because it's all about being comfy and cool in your big bridal ballgown

Karen Birney,

In case you hadn't heard, the Internet is currently utterly consumed with one big bridal trend: wedding dresses with pockets.

While bridal gowns with somewhere to hide your lippy have been around for the last few years (mainly championed by Spanish designers known for big clean ballgown and princess style gúnas - where pockets brings the traditional style right up to date with a simple, almost invisible addition), there's been a recent surge in searches for cute gowns with pockets, as brides look for extra comfort and a relaxed style for their big day.

The practicality of pockets is obvious of course - brides usually want to carry around their phone (for better or worse), their foundation or sometimes a little bit of cash on the day - but trying to hold a glass of champers in one hand and a bouquet in the other while air kissing a neighbour often renders bridal clutch bags and the like useless (and if the bride has had a really great time running from tables to dancefloor for the night, they're often not to be seen the morning after!)

"Lately, we have found that although pockets might not have been on their 'list', for many brides it has evoked more emotion than any lace or beading has," says Janet Kealy, owner of the Little White Dress Agency (formerly Little White Dress Boutique). "It has and will continue to be much more desired and exciting than brides themselves even expect it to be!"

The popularity of pockets comes with a trend towards a more casual 'vibe' for the big day, and is in line with some of the other more 'relaxed' and multi-functional takes on bridal style - namely detachable trains, lace bolero overlays and two-piece gowns in the form of bodysuits and detachable skirts (much like Instagrammer Chiara Ferragni's cute custom Dior wedding dress with its long lace sleeved romper and full tulle skirt).

Janet says it's also to do with having something to do with your hands, if you're a shy type.

"In any awkward situation, I'm always glad to have something to hold, whether it's my bag, a drink, or somebody's hand.  But as a bride, once your bouquet has served it's purpose, you have hands that have nothing to do and are full of nervous energy.  Putting your hands in your pockets gives them somewhere to hide, and gives the impression that the bride is totally chilled out and relaxed, even when she is very much not."

In terms of how the trend goes down in store, you can only imagine.

"From our experience, more often than not, women actually let out what can only be described as a squeal when they find out the dress they are trying on has pockets," says Janet. "It's more of an excited sort of flapping and squealing combination, if it is a dress they already love. 

"It can often be the thing that seals the deal - when the bride-squad starts with "POCKETS, POCKETS, IT HAS POCKETS!"

If you're on the hunt for a pretty wedding dress with pockets for your upcoming nuptials you've come to the right place, because has located some of the best looks from the latest bridal collections to inspire your big day style.

Style Edit: Wedding Dresses with Pockets

Dress from the Sunset collection from Daarlarna Couture
Dress from the Sunset collection from Daarlarna Couture
Miren by Pronovias
Drama by Rosa Clara
Guibert by Laure de Sagazan
Loretta by Suzanne Neville
Guibert by Laure de Sagazan
Guibert by Laure de Sagazan
Orwell by Suzanne Neville
Octavia by Jenny Yoo at
Mirlo by Pronovias
Freya by Kathy de Stafford
Dorano by Rosa Clara
En Fleur by Caroline Castigliano
Monti by Pronovias
Champagne by Caroline Castigliano
Dress by Romona Keveza

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