Monday 24 June 2019

Perfect scents: Five fabulous fragrances to try this September

Put the scent of change in the September air, says Sarah Caden, with five hit fragrances

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Sarah Caden

A few alterations to the habits of recent months can do wonders for working our heads into an optimistic state. Scent is powerfully evocative, and if you've been wearing the same scent, or your annual summer scent, in recent months, then it's time to make a switch. If your fragrance reminds you of hot days and smoky barbecues past, then it's time to move on. No need to go dark and moody just yet, but it's time to let go of the heat. Happily, there are plenty of new options about, and these are our top five.


Calvin Klein Women, €49, Calvin Klein counters nationwide

Saoirse Ronan is one famous face of this new fragrance from Calvin Klein. The bottle, with its tranpsarent disc on the lid bearing a woman's eye, is in keeping with the trend for statement-making fragrances, while the scent itself is elegant and grown-up. With a top note of eucalyptus acorns, it's nicely fresh, but with orange and cedar beneath that for brightness and warmth. "This feels young without feeling girlie," a panellist said. "A breath of fresh air."


Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Absolu, €82, Giorgio Armani counters nationwide

The key ingredient in this new incarnation of the 1996 fragrance, Acqua di Gio, is patchouli. The Guatamalan patchouli leaves create a lively bridge, they say, between watery freshness and woody warmth. Basically, it has all the original macho heart and strength, but with a lightness that is better suited to modern times less preoccupied with putting your best butch forward. "I like how this straddles the lightness of a cologne with the staying power of a heavier scent," said a male panellist.


YSL Black Opium Click & Go, €34, selected pharmacies and department stores nationwide

If a fancy feature further endears a fragrance to you, then check out this bit of cute kit. Black Opium is what YSL call their 'glam rock' take on the classic oriental scent. It majors in coffee, so think dark and rich; with a backdrop of white flowers, vanilla and patchouli. The fancy feature is this click-y pen, much like the iconic Touche Eclat concealer. Click, dab, keep in your bag. What's not to love? "Heady, sexy but not headache-y, as a lot of heavy-hitters can be," one panellist said.


Woman by Ralph Lauren, €99.50, Arnotts; selected department stores and pharmacies nationwide

This new fragrance from Ralph Lauren looks familiar, as it comes in a twist on the traditional flask, complete with flip-top lid. The gold and the amber colour of the product give it a softness, though, that is very feminine. The scent is warm, with white florals, sandalwood and tuberose. Lauren says his skill is in taking the masculine and making it feminine, and certainly this has both strength and softness. "An autumn-night-out scent," said a panellist. "Chic and cosy."


Chanel Les Eaux de Chanel Paris-Venise, €112, Chanel counters nationwide

Chanel's three new fragrances, under the umbrella of Les Eaux de Chanel, are inspired by European locations beloved by Coco Chanel, and are olfactory renditions of those places. Paris-Biarritz is zesty with mandarin and grapefruit; Paris-Deauville is green and spiky; and this one, Paris-Venise, has an autumnal oriental tone; it's warm and enveloping. "Can you say that something is sexy and comforting at the same time?" one panellist asked. "It's sort of delicious."


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