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This parody Instagram account is giving the great un-engaged a good laugh

'Not engaged' follows the adventure of one woman's un-bejewelled hand as it goes about its day sans engagement ring


While for some people it seems like the world and its mother got engaged over the festive season, for others the season of romance was a chance to poke a little fun at the endless ring selfies and super sweet declarations of love that appeared in social media feeds everywhere.

One account that's giving lots of folk a laugh (engaged ladies included!) is 'Not Engaged' - an Instagram account dedicated to one woman's ringless ring finger.

"I'm not engaged but im ok i promise [sic]" declares the owner of the account in her bio.

The account features the 'adventures' of one woman's left hand as it goes about its day sans engagement ring, in an obviously parody on the photos many people take of their newly bejewelled fingers.


'Not engaged's left hand has travelled to places far and wide, and can even be seen at bridal shops, and both attending and RSVPing for weddings (while trying to bag an extra fillet mignon) and posing beside its engagement ring clad left hand friends while using the hashtag #blessed.

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