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'I thought I was going to see a giant snow willy' - Man surprises pregnant girlfriend with oh-snow-sweet proposal

Couple's whirlwind relationship was made all the more romantic with a serene moment in the snow


Now that the snow is subsiding in the land, we're taking a moment to appreciate some of the good things that came out of the week of ruination - and romance - that was Storm Emma.

There was the couple from the Canary Island who, on day one, stepped out without a second thought, tying the knot in the registry office in Dublin before embarking on an epic photo shoot in picture postcard Powerscourt Gardens.


There was cool-as-a-cucumber Tara McSwiney and Mark Davies, who managed to say their 'I dos' in Temple Bar in a wedding celebration that was only down to, in the bride's own words, 'sheer determination'.

There were (promises of) tobogganing brides, tractor-filled bridesmaids, and The Late Late Show even got a new new wedding correspondent in the form of Marty Morrissey... Despite freezing temperatures, love was certainly in the air.

And indeed our hearts were further warmed up when we saw one creative man's ultra romantic use for the cold conditions.

Romantic Dan Jones, 26, managed to surprise his girlfriend with the ultimate display - when he asked her to marry him with a message in the snow.


"In all honesty," Lottie, 26, from Dorset in England told THEVOW.ie, "I thought I was about to walk upstairs and look out the window at a giant snow willy. He has a very silly sense of humour!"

But instead, of course, Dan had asked his eight-month pregnant girlfriend to marry him with a simple message in the snow.

"I wasn't sure if he meant it at first and then all the emotion came and I just ended up crying lots and of course I said yes."

It was a sweet and serene moment for a couple who've had quite a whirlwind romance, having had their new lives together put on hold several times throughout their relationship!

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First, when they met, Lottie planned to move to India to work as a horse riding instructor. Dan quit his job to join her, after which Lottie's job fell through.

The couple then decided to move to Alberta in Canada instead, and were accepted for their positions. Wtih only had a couple of weeks to get everything together for the move, they frantically sold everything they owned and moved out of their house, ready for a new life 5000 miles from home.

Only, when they got there, they were told there was an issue with their paperwork, and after four hours in the airport in Calgary, were put on a flight back home.

"Back in the UK we were pretty upset," said Lottie, "but maybe fate works in funny ways as two weeks later I found out that I was pregnant!"

Lottie's pregnancy however hasn't been an easy one and she has spent the best part of eight months in bed sick.

"Dan on the other hand has spent the last eight months building a life for us. He has worked so hard and is now training to become a teacher to secure a long term future for us," said Lottle.

"As well as this he has been a supporting and loving partner and never once failed to make me happy. This is why it was just the most amazing thing ever when, after a morning of being sick and lounging on the sofa, he asked me to come and look at something he'd made in the snow."

"After a complete whirlwind of a year we are going to be a family," said Lottie "and I don’t think I could be happier."