Wednesday 21 August 2019

From toy rings to proposing in pyjamas: How NOT to pop the question over Christmas

A whopping 40% are secretly hoping for a festive season proposal - but only if it's done correctly!

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Karen Birney

Karen Birney

It's well known that the festive season is the most popular time of the year for proposals.

Twinkling fairy lights and hand-in-hand hot-chocolate-sipping strolls on a crisp evening make for a romantic setting for a great big 'yes', while having time off and family home from abroad can really add to the enjoyment of the occasion.  

It shouldn't come as a surprise then to find out that 40% of women are secretly hoping their partner will pop the question over the festive season.

A survey of 2000 women  carried out by British jewellery company Beaverbrooks has revealed that while a huge chunk of coupled-up ladies are hoping their partner will 'put a ring on it' this season, there are certain ways these same women want their partners to go about it - and ways they absolutely don't*.

When it comes to the ring, 29% of women want their partner to know exactly the type of engagement ring they want, with 42% admitting to having previously dropped hints of their preferred style.

But if you were thinking about serving it up in the Christmas dinner you can forget about it.

Over the last year we've heard some serious proposal blunders, from the poor woman who dropped her ring down a grate in New York immediately after partner proposed (they got it back) to the GAA fan who flung hers on to the pitch in the celebrations (fellow supporters invaded a pitch in search of the lost diamond, which again, was later located.)

Proposals have come in all forms from the unusual (the farmer who proposed with his 'Will you Marry Me?' cow possibly being the oddest) to the ill-timed (one man's questionable mid-marathon engagement irking many runners across the globe) and everything in between.

We had the case of the woman who found the ring her partner was going to propose with before he got down on one knee, who took to the Internet to air her grievances only to be subsequently roasted for complaining about the style.

We've also heard of some rather perfect proposals of course - most recently executed by Dublin GAA star Philly McMahon who popped the question to his partner Sarah Lacey under the Northern Lights in Iceland earlier this month, and the Irish Instagrammers whose partners knew exactly how to make it a picture-perfect moment.

So if we think we know what way people want to be proposed to, what about what they don't want?

*Here are some tips for prospective proposers how NOT to propose at Christmas:


  1.     ...Do it while drunk
  2.     ...Do it while watching TV
  3.     ...Serve the ring in the Christmas dinner
  4.     ...Do it during Christmas karaoke
  5.     ...Arrange a big elaborate proposal
  6.     ...Film them first thing in the morning
  7.     ...Do it during the family dinner
  8.     ...Say it casually rather than getting down on one knee
  9.     ...Give the engagement ring as their only present
  10.     ...Do it when your other half is still in pajamas

And the top mistakes people make?

  1.     Not hiding the receipt well enough
  2.     Giving your other half a ring INSTEAD of a present
  3.     Hiding the ring in the Christmas dinner
  4.     Using a toy ring to propose
  5.     Not having a ring at all when proposing
  6.     Getting the size completely wrong
  7.     Asking your partner’s friend to pick out the ring
  8.     Not gauging what style of ring they’d like beforehand

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