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exclusive Comedian Oliver Callan and John Lannin create quite an impression as they get engaged


Oliver and John will wed in 2020

Oliver and John will wed in 2020

Oliver and John will wed in 2020

Oliver Callan gets so much of a kick out of boyfriend John Lannin that they got engaged over Christmas. The satirical impressionist explained that “our engagement was more an agreement than a proposal.

"We decided in the summer, went to London and ordered gold signet rings in Hatton Gardens. Gay men used to wear them in Oscar Wilde’s time to signal to each other. It took months to have them made so when they finally came we told both sets of parents and that made it official. Christmas made it handy to tell most others face to face."

"We’re anxious to avoid all the unequal old traditions of girl-boy marriage where the boy gets down on one knee and the girl is handed over at the altar between two men like they’re selling a van! We both believe same sex marriage is a chance to set new, more equal customs," added the Callan’s Kicks star who came out to Brendan O'Connor on RTE's Saturday Night Show on October 29, 2011.

"We plan on marrying in the Summer of 2020 and definitely in Ireland. In just a few weeks we’re 7 years together," Oliver said of John who is from Blackrock, Dublin, and works for Microsoft Ireland where he is also the chair of the company’s LGBT+ official group Gleam. They met in Charlie's Chinese restaurant on George's Street a few nights before St Patrick's Day in 2012.

John approached Oliver and they went on their first date to The Bailey for a drink two nights later. Their next date was a movie at Oliver's apartment on Raglan Road where they watched an Australian horror movie together. "John lied. He said he liked horror movies and it turned out he didn't," Oliver told me in a 2014 interview. "I went out and got the roughest horror movie I could find - can you imagine!"

Hardcore Antipodean slasher movies apart, how do newly betrothed John and Oliver feel? "Our families were probably more excited about the news than we were!" says Oliver.

"Getting engaged is not a big step, just the next step. We’ve been living together since 2014 so this is just an increase in the adventure, not a new one."

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